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Agani agence, Hungary Sheltered a Fugitive Prime Minister. Did It Help Him Escape?

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Orban continued to support Mr. This summer, Mr. But Mr. Yet interviews with three senior Macedonian officials in three separate ministries, all of whom spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to give public statements, suggest a more complex story. In the weeks before his escape, Mr. Gruevski visited the Hungarian Embassy in Skopje, said one official. An unusually high number of Hungarian diplomats traveled to Macedonia in the days before Mr.

And the Hungarians themselves discreetly asked Macedonian counterparts how likely it was that Mr. Gruevski would end up in prison, the first official said.

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The Macedonian government has not announced publicly how Mr. Gruevski left Macedonia for Albania, partly to avoid prejudicing an ongoing judicial investigation, and partly to avoid worsening relations with Hungary. But they are investigating allegations that Mr. Agani agence left Macedonia in a Hungarian diplomatic car.

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Gruevski was driven by a pair of Hungarian diplomats to Montenegro, where a different pair of diplomats drove him immediately to Serbia, according to the third senior official.

The next day, Mr. The highly coordinated nature of these moves suggests Hungary had at least some foreknowledge of Mr. And it is not the first time that Mr. Orban has taken an interest in Macedonian affairs.

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Starting intwo Hungarians close to Mr. Orban bought out several Macedonian media outlets that support Mr. The outlets, which might otherwise have agani agence due to financial difficulties, were also strong opponents of the deal with Greece.

Gruevski to leave. In September, anti-corruption officials learned that Mr. Gruevski had recently withdrawn more thaneuros in cash from his bank account, two officials confirmed — but this was not deemed enough to consider him a flight risk.

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On Friday Nov. Gruevski vanished, the police detail assigned by protocol to all former prime ministers could not reach him by phone after arriving at his apartment block as usual. After they reported his absence to their superiors, no action was taken to trace him — even after a court had ordered that he report to prison by the following Monday.

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The police agani agence outside the front door to his apartment building all day, but did not watch the entrance to its basement garage, through which cars can easily drive in and out without obstacle.

Investigators now suspect that he left via the garage that Friday for Albania, driving through a border crossing in the mountains near the western town of Debar. But a national arrest warrant was issued only on Monday, Nov. Gruevski failed to report to jail.

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An international arrest warrant was not released until Tuesday night, after Mr. Gruevski had already announced that he had reached Budapest. But all this ultimately would have had little bearing on Mr.