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My sister was born in The name on her birth certificate was Frajda, but later on, perhaps this started at school or in college, she was only called Franka. My sister attended a Jewish gymnasium, which was located on Piramowicza Street. Because classes were taught in 2 languages at that school: in Hebrew and in Polish, she transferred to Hochsteinowa's before the final exams. She passed her finals at Hochsteinowa's - where I did. She later left for Nancy in France, for university.

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She studied dentistry there. At that time Jews could not enter university in Poland. They weren't accepted for medicine, húga know dentistry, or for many other faculties.

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So everyone, my sister's age and my age, studied abroad. I only know one doctor Winer, who was accepted at university in Warsaw or Poznan. Going abroad was not a problem for my sister, because she knew foreign languages well.

She knew Hebrew, Polish, German and French.

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Later she húga know learned English and Russian. Unfortunatelly because of Father's bankruptcy, Franka had to stop her studies, she came back to Lodz.

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She didn't come to live at home, but rented a room on Gdanska Street. I don't know how she got money for that.

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Perhaps someone from the family helped. She started working for a milliner.

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She made hats, in she ran away to the east, to Bialystok. She got married there to an engineer named Torunczyk. He came from a family of assimilated Jews from Lodz. He was a graduate of the Lvov University of Technology.

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Franka went with him first to Lvov and then, when the Germans were capturing the city, they ran away to Kielce. In Kielce the Germans were looking for her, because she was helping her family in the ghetto, so she moved to Warsaw.

Otthon levezettem Vikit a próbatermünkbe, majd miután mindenki végigölelte leültettük. Mi is mind elfoglaltuk a helyünket. You're like perfection, some kind of holiday You got húga know thinking that we could run away You want I'll take you there, You tell me when and where, Oh oh oh oh But then I asked for your number, Said you don't have a phone It's getting late now, I gotta let you know That everybody wants to take you home tonight But I'm gonna find a way to make you mine Don't stop doin' what you're doin' Every time you move to the beat It gets harder for me And you know it, know it, know it Don't stop 'cause you know that I like it Every time you walk in the room You got all eyes on you And you know it, know it, know it A zenélés közben elég sokat néztem a lányra, aki csak elképedve figyelt bennünket, de főleg a bátyját. A szám végén meg aranyosan felállt, és elkezdett tapsolni. Mi még lent maradtunk a srácokkal próbálni, de Viki felment valamiért.

Then she had to leave Warsaw as well. It was very difficult for her there, she didn't have anyone close there. She went to some country estate, where she stayed until the end of the war.

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For some time we knew what was going on with her, because she sent us letters. Actually, those were letters from Bialystok, so that's how we knew she had gotten married.

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Later we were not in touch with her. I learned about what happened to Franka from what she told us after the war.

húga know

After the war I soon found my sister. This happened in quite unexpected circumstances. I went downtown with a physician friend of mine.

húga know

At some point she recognized some passerby as a friend of hers from the university in Lvov. He introduced himself as Torunczyk.

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I knew this name. I knew from my húga know letter that she had married engineer Torunczyk. He told me his wife's name was Franciszka.

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I asked him about further details. I found out that got married in Bialystok and so on. This confirmed my suspicion that he was my sister's husband. He told me what her current workplace was - Office for Information and Propaganda, on Traugutta Street. I went there the next day, in the morning.

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I sat in front of kuwait nő társkereső door, with the other customers. At some point my sister opened the door.

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She saw me and she fainted next to that door. She regained consciousness shortly and she took me to her house.