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January 2, at PM Anonymous said Thanks, been to some of these. Thanks for the journey.

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Glad you could stop by for a visit. I hope to get to see some of Michigan's beauty one day : the d zone said Was their a primary website you used to plan your route?

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I am from Michigan and we have a good website, michmarkers. I haven't dived into your blog just yet, so idk!

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But just curious if this is where I'll need to be to search for them or something else. Thanks, Melinda said Thanks, Jeff, for visiting, and for your comments. I did all my own research and planning using a variety of sources.

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I do plan to upload my routes eventually which took hours and hours of planning from scratch. I'm familiar with michmarkers.

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I pretty much have the same information on my website. However, it is my understanding the Michigan site has only State historical markers.

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If you have any questions about a particular area of Wisconsin, feel időkép szeged to contact me through the contact form, and I'll be glad to help out. Enjoy your trips to Wisconsin! March 14, at AM Anonymous said Melinda, so cool to read about your travels and why you did this.

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So many beautiful things to see in this great State of ours. Very glad to know időkép szeged you are cancer free as well.

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Thank you for sharing your journey with us! All the best in the future.

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Unknown said I've tagged it for teachers, too - what a fun opportunity for students to see all of this information. Thanks for sharing!