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    meet wikiszótár

    Információgyűjtés a Wikiszótár projekten Ismertető To make relevant recommendations for the Wiktionary future, a state of the art work should first be realised. A document should summarize and providing references on: Wiktionary history: initial goals and implementatiton choices. Current state of wiktionnaries: similarities and differencies in how articles are structured on each chapter. Inventory of related projects such as OmegaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki : why did they emerged out of Wiktionary, are their goals and Wiktionary goals mergeable in a single project.

    What would be meet wikiszótár expectable pros and cons of a more structured Wiktionary.

    Obviously structures may help on the cross-chapter auto-feedback. But on the other hand the most important part of Mediawiki projects is its community.

    meet wikiszótár

    With a trans-chapter structure, potential community frustration could be raised by a lose of control feeling, especialy if some locales existing specificities become impossible in the said structure. Ways to prevent this situations should be investigated: broad feedback campaigns, flexible structures, etc.

    Jelenlegi helyzet Ameddig ismert, nincs ilyen jelentés Ajánlott fejlesztés.

    meet wikiszótár