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Helyszín szerkesztése Telepítés Basically you can just install the plugin, add a mapping API key from Mapbox or Googleand start entering your meetings.

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That is all meeting nő irun takes to get started! We must maintain consistency for the mobile appsso not all proposals are accepted.

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It will show up in the dropdown once you use it on a meeting. Note that custom meeting types are not imported into the Meeting Guide app.

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They are for searching. Have you ever searched for a minute meeting?

Where are my meetings listed? It depends on your Permalinks setup.


Google is correct an amazing amount of the time, but not always. Note you can add multiple entries to the array below. No problem, just add this CSS to your theme: div tsml meetings.

The meeting was attended by representatives of GUITRANS, a member of the Spanish Goods Transport Federation, and we were told that the existence of four tollgates within a space of 70 km Irún, Biriatou, Biarritz and Benesse-Maremne causes large-scale chaos in economic, environmental and social terms, and that all the administrations concerned need to be involved in finding a solution.

The easiest way is to link to that view straight from your navigation. The value should be an existing value, ie 1, 5, 10, 25 or By default, the plugin sorts by day, then time, then location name.

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To set your own sort index, add this to your functions. By default this plugin uses the Streets theme, v9. To change this, add this to your functions. How can I override the meeting list or detail pages?

Now, you may override those pages.

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  • Поскольку, находясь там, он ничего не смог бы предпринять, у меня оставалось два варианта: попросить его прервать визит и вернуться в Вашингтон или попытаться разрешить эту ситуацию самому.
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The archive-meetings. Ingyenes társkereső tours note these pages will evolve over time.

If you override, you will someday experience website errors after an update.

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Can I see types in the meeting list? To see types in the meeting list, one meeting nő irun to do it is to add some CSS to your theme which will make a types column visible. When there are notes on a meeting, can I indicate that somehow in the meeting list? Yes, with CSS. To add an asterisk, for example, try this: div tsml tr. Are there shortcodes?

Use the count parameter to adjust how many are displayed.

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Are there translations to other languages? It is translated into Polish. If you would like to volunteer to help translate another language, we would be meeting nő irun to work with you. Can I use this plugin to list telephone meetings or other meetings without a fixed location?

All meetings currently need to have a geographic location. Can I change the URL of the meetings list? When we were hit with COVID, this app was invaluable to keep up with the constant changes our groups were throwing at us. And Code4Recovery kept up with all of our constant requests for adaptations to it because of all of the newly-discovered needs we had to get the information out!

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The fact that it feeds the Meeting Guide app, too, makes it a must-have. Love it! I cannot thank the developers of this plugin enough for simplifying my job. Works so well 'out of the box'.

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Simple and fast with just the right mix of functionality and good user interface. Kudos to whoever donated this code. I was looking at it to see how it opens up zoom for a meeting - there's a tremendous amount of work there. Thanks again.

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This plugin is a wonderful gift especially during these "shelter" times. The developers have been AWESOME with support, adding in changes in speedy time, and keeping it current for those of us working with it. I loved this app when I first saw it many years ago and have even more love for the support people now.

We have used this plug-in for two different step groups and it is really a wonderful help to list and filter meetings. Thank you so much for the time and effort spent in developing this plugin.

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Love the ease of use in finding meetings for newcomers and old timers alike!