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    Review of data protection issues Cookie preferences Required cookies Review of data protection issues We use cookies on the website in order to offer our visitors the best possible user experience and to make the operation of our website more efficient.

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    Cookies are small data files, sz know are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Cookies save your browsing data so our website can recognise your browser the next time you visit and make your browsing more comfortable.

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    They also provide certain functionalities and their uninterrupted operation, help maintain security of our services and ensure continuous development of our website.

    You have the option to disable cookies or modify cookie preferences.

    It can be performed with the use of the tabs on the left side. Saving cookie preferences is one example of such cookies. Third-party cookies There are cookies provided by third parties.

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    On this website, Google Analytics provides visitor statistics, collects anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the website, the most popular pages, and shows how the visitors use the website. These cookies contain no personal data.

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    They track the users in order to show to sz know relevant contents, advertisements. Required cookies These cookies help us create a better website user experience, ensure basic functionalities, which are required for the website to function correctly.

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    They allow us to remember information such as selected language, my cart, session cookies or website layout. They are required for the correct functioning of our website and they cannot be disabled.

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