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Many people sigh when hearing this word and say that they too wanted to be archaeologists.

And no wonder, for the desire for knowledge burns in all of us, as does the eternal question: who are we and for what purpose have we been brought into the world, whither are we going, and is there some genuine goal we have to attain?

The other elementary question is also self-evident: whence do we come from? It is only natural that we seek the answers to these questions in the past.

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We have all studied history at school, we all have a perception of the brilliant periods of the national past, we tahiti nő találkozása the names of exceptional men and women and their outstanding deeds, yet at the same time we long for something more personal, something more tangible. On Sunday afternoons we ask our grandparents to speak about their own grandparents — and within a few seconds we find ourselves moving back a hundred and fifty years in time.

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Looking at regensburg társkereső app, faded photos — and, on occasion, discovering perhaps our own features on one of the portraits — we try to recall the names of our forebears and their friends, we attempt to evoke a characteristic episode of their lives, but our memory often fails us, and we are left with nothing, but uncertainties.

If they are wise enough, they will not throw them out and if they interesting enough for a collection, they will find a final resting place in a museum. After receiving an inventory number, they are placed into a storeroom and they will perhaps be exhibited at some point. Objects can perhaps singles münsingen saved, but what happens to the associated memories, the personal history, the intimacy of family tradition?

Many thousands of families lost their personal histories during the turmoils of the last century, before they could even realize the importance of tradition.

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Our innate curiosity cannot be stifled. It erupts from our innermost self, and the more annoying the feeling of deprivation, the stronger it grows, enticing some to watch educational television programmes and others to search for their family tree in singles münsingen parish registers or to set out and search for long-lost, fabulous treasures, lavish royal burials, long-forgotten tunnels leading to faraway regions.

Many long for even more and concoct a colourful past for themselves or blindly believe the stories freely re-arranging the facts or downright neglecting them, presenting the past as infinitely more attractive or more idyllic than it really was.

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Obviously, there is nothing reprehensible about believing these stories. It is part of human nature to attempt to flee the problems of the present and seek solace and reassurance in the face of any misgivings we may have about the distant future or in a mythical golden age of the past.

The myth of a Golden Age is nothing new: two thousand years ago, Albius Tibullus, a Roman poet from an age since long studied by modern man, too believed the distant past to have been better than his own age.

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Divitis hoc vitium est auri, nec bella fuerunt, Faginus adstabat cum scyphus ante dapes. Non arces, non vallus erat, somnumque petebat Securus sparsas dux gregis inter oves. Tunc mihi vita foret, volgi nec tristia nossem Arma nec audissem corde micante tubam. The individual is free to interpret the findings of the disciplines studying the past — archaeology, history and their sub-disciplines: heraldry, sigillography, numismatics, epigraphy — to his own liking, but on a social level, the evidence must be handled according to the standards of academic scholarship.

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One of the most characteristic features of archaeology is the adoption of methods developed in the natural and social sciences, and that in the formulation of any conclusions, it strivers for strict objectivity.

History is based on the study and analysis of written records, but in the case of periods from which written sources are meagre or entirely lacking, it is the artefactual material that must be addressed using archaeological methods.

We may therefore singles münsingen state that in spite of the fact that millions of archaeological finds are housed in our museums, research must be continued since there is need for new data in order to gain a better knowledge and understanding of human history and, also, because the new advances in science means that we can collect more precise data than before.

It has sometimes been asked, what do we have to do with these peoples, whether unknown or known by name, why public funds should be spent on collecting their relics. The answer lies in the need to know history. Neither should we forget that the men of bygone ages lived in greater harmony with nature, exploiting the available resources with greater care.

The traces of human impact on the environment are preserved in the artificial features of the European landscape.

When travelling in the Danube valley or along the Tata Trench, we rarely pause to think that these very roads were first trodden by a group of prehistoric hunters in search of prey or that the Roman military engineers too regarded these long-trodden paths as most suitable for building a road.

The authors of the volume are all singles münsingen archaeologists and renowned experts in their own field, who have collaborated to offer us a glimpse into their profession.

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This lavishly illustrated volume will no doubt be useful and enjoyable reading to all those interested in the past. The reader will find that archaeology is not the mystical craft suggested by popular movie films — it is a far more exciting intellectual pursuit, much in the same way as the one-time reality unfolding from the tiny, factual details is infinitely more fascinating than the stories begotten by flights of fantasy.

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It is my hope that this volume will encourage the reader to visit museums and to find the opportunities to assists archaeologists in their work. The Department of Monuments of the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage that singles münsingen the publication of the present volume was organized no more than a few years ago. The main goal in creating this department, active singles münsingen to monitor and supervise the national monuments and to work out the much-needed new legislation for the protection of archaeological sites that had until then been part of the museum structure, a task that called for a broad overview of the theoretical and practical problems of Hungarian archaeology.

The managing editor presented a detailed proposal, an outline of the contents that was adopted in its more or less original form, although with slight alterations. Our objective was to present an overview of Hungarian archaeological research, highlighting also the modern practices and advances made in the protection of the archaeological heritage, with an emphasis on all major contributions to this discipline made by Hungarian archaeology.

Révai Nagy Lexikona, 14. kötet: Mons-Ottó (1916)

This book is a unique singles münsingen in the history of Hungarian archaeology since only two volumes of the planned series on the archaeology of Hungary have appeared so far one describing field methods, the other covering the Palaeolithic in Hungary, written by László Vértes.

The volumes of the highly popular Hereditas series, used also as university textbooks, did not discuss all aspects of Hungarian archaeology in such detail. The Teleki László Foundation undertook the editing and pre-publishing work after Ágnes Tóth, who had played a key role in the preparation of the manuscripts for publication, gave birth to a lovely baby and could no longer participate singles münsingen this work. Singles münsingen to the delay in the publication compared to the original schedule, some chapters had to be revised: the new Heritage Act and the restructured institutional framework of heritage protection meant that some sections had to be re-written.

We also had to update the illustrations and the bibliography, meaning that the manuscript was finally closed in November, It must be emphasized that the volume was intended for the general public, rather than the academic köln társkereső singles münsingen — but it must also be noted that the authors and the editors strove to achieve a high professional standard in the submitted manuscripts.

The illustrations were compiled according to this consideration. The chronological chart, based singles münsingen the chronological data provided by the editors, singles münsingen designed to aid a better overview of the various periods by providing a framework of the chronological and spatial dimensions of the archaeological periods in Hungary. The book held by the reader was primarily written for the educated public. At the same time, it was also our intention to appeal to decision-makers who determine the fate of, and are thus responsible for, heritage protection and, in particular, for the fate and future of the archaeological heritage.

We would like to see this book as the first volume in a series presenting new and exciting advances in Hungarian archaeology. There is much to be gained from this overview of Találkozó hívő nő archaeology, a landmark accomplishment in the history of nyíregyházi társkereső singles münsingen discipline, reflecting the happy collaboration of specialist from different fields of research.

It is our hope that this volume will be of interest not protect társkereső oldalon to the wider public, fascinated by the relics and history of bygone ages, but also to our fellow archaeologists and colleagues working in related disciplines. We are also indebted to all our colleagues, who generously provided photos and drawings of their excavations and finds.

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Thanks are also due to all those institutions that enriched this volume with material from their documentation and photo archives, singles münsingen thereby to the production of this book. And last, but not least, we wish to thank Dénes Jankovich-Besán and Katalin Wollák, who undertook the burdens and the responsibility of the financial side of this project and who never failed to provide encouragement.

As the Singles münsingen and senior official of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage and, later, of the Office of National Cultural Heritage, both of them unselfishly worked to create the optimal conditions for our work.

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